Monday, May 31, 2010

Pool's Open!

We made our first trip to the pool this afternoon. It was so hot today, and the water felt marvelous, let me tell you. Both girls were so happy the entire time in the water. Imogene sat in the baby pool in Bill's lap and played and played. She was also really happy with us holding her in the big pool, and didn't even mind getting soaked and splashed. Lily's performance at the pool shows how much has changed with her since we were there last in September. She jumped right in the baby pool and "swam" around. In the big pool she just clears 3 feet, so she and her two friends held onto the side and walked around! This is great for the weekdays when I take the girls to the pool by myself, because Lily can at least get in and out by herself. After we ate supper she and Lucy went and "hung out" with some slightly older kids who were chasing a little lizard around. She's really such a social kid these days. Our friends the Bennetts were there. Their son is Will, so Lily calls him "Will Bennett." (As not to confuse him with Will next door, of course.) She was so excited to see him. Practically yelling, "Will Bennett, what are you doing here? Will Bennett, stand up. Will Bennett, I want to talk to you. I want to tell you something." His response, "Lily, no. I'm swimming!"
She told someone recently that she was old enough for her belly to show in her bathing suit! :)

Such water babies these two are!

What a busy weekend! I'm definitely tired, but so happy and thankful for such a fun-filled holiday weekend. And so thankful to have celebrated our seventh anniversary with our precious girls. Lily told us "Happy Anniversary" several times. And on the way home from the pool she was so tired and mumbled something about happy pool day, happy memorial day, happy day... Happy Day it was! 

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