Sunday, May 2, 2010

CHASA Walk/Awareness Month

Granddad Brown was here this weekend for a visit. Happy Birthday Dad!
Lucky him, he was here to help install our new vanity & sink in the upstairs bathroom. He and Bill did a great job, and when we get a (new) leak fixed in the sink it will be a great addition to that bathroom. It was a long, hard project, and I am so thankful to both of them for putting it in! We all spent this afternoon at the very pretty, but very hot, C&O Canal in Potomac, Maryland to participate in a Stroke Awareness Walk. Each year, local families who participate in the CHASA (children's hemiplegia & stroke association) web-board get together for a short walk around the falls of the Potomac River and have a picnic afterward. May is Childhood Stroke Awareness Month - you can learn more at It was nice to see these kids - all older than Imogene (the closest was 3 1/2) - and their families and get to know them a little bit. We also enjoyed seeing all the kids with hemiplegia doing so well! As one mom was saying to me, not a single one is alike in their condition, but it's helpful to share information with each other. It was great to participate, and have Granddad with us too!
During the picnic today Lily had about 3 juice boxes, a big brownie, and 20 grapes and proceeded to sing (her made-up, hysterical songs) the entire 30 minutes on the way home, and then talked non-stop pretty much until she fell asleep. Little too much sugar, maybe? My favorite song she sang was "you can be anything you want to be!" And in the loudest voice she has. Then we had to pick what we wanted to be - but our answers had to be animals. Then we had to sing in our animal sounds. Really, Really hyped up she was. She was also so loving tonight though and kept telling us she loved us and how we were all the best (mommy, baby sister, daddy).
At bedtime tonight Lily said, "Let's talk about the names of the people at the walk. Did you know there was a girl with your name, Lauren?" I was singing the Rainbow Connection song. At the line, "what's on the other side?" Lily said "Gold."
Tomorrow we have Lily's ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) doctor's visit in the morning. Ryan and Whitney are coming to stay for the week starting tomorrow night. So excited to see them!

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