Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Of the last four meals I've eaten, three were cooked and cleaned up entirely by my husband, and the other was eaten in our favorite restaurant. Such a lucky lady! I have to say that Bill has really treated me so well today in honor of Mother's Day, but he really does this stuff all the time. I never feel like either of us are really doing "more" than the other. Sure, certain things tend to fall to one or the other (for some reason he always ends up unloading the dishwasher, and he's the one that makes our bed every morning). But he did make me feel very special today, and Lily was very sweet (almost all day - except the part where she screamed at me about getting ready for church and called me a "Bad Man.") She came into our room at 7:45 (which is early for her!), hugged me and said "Happy Mother's Day Mama." Imogene slept until 7:45 too, which was a huge gift to Bill and I both! I really have thought a lot this weekend about being a mom, and what a gift it is. Despite the chaos I feel like we're living in these days, I truly wouldn't trade places with anyone else in the world. These two girls (and you too Bill!) are just an amazing gift from God. Hopefully I'm doing right by them each day.
We went down to the National Mall/Memorial area this afternoon to feed the ducks. We drove around for a while looking for parking, finally found something, got out of the car and there were two ducks sitting right in the grass. Perfect!
These ducks would have eaten right out of our hands. They came a little closer than I would have liked! 

Imogene loved, loved, loved the ducks. She was calling at them and reaching for them. She might have thought they were some form of dog that she could pet? But she was just tickled to death by the whole experience. She wanted to throw the bread too, but she mostly just dropped it right in front of her. 

See how close they got?

We walked over to the water, and found two other very feisty ducks who tried to hurt each other. I was also really worried about Lily being so close to that not-so-safe railing! 

It was so windy today and yesterday. Here's proof of just how windy it was...
Fortunately, this tree fell backwards and not to the right. If it had fallen to the right, it would have certainly landed on our house, and probably right into Imogene's room. However, it would have crushed that deck furniture we tried to sell at the yard sale, and have hoped someone would just take out of our driveway! But really, the fact that nothing serious happened when that tree fell, and that it's on the property of the apartments next door is some needed good luck for us! 

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