Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

What a nice day! We went to brunch this morning, and then did some fun stuff around the house like clean out the cars. Lucky Bill! And then Bill took Lily to see the US soccer game, and Imogene and I played a game and then planted flowers in our front porch pots! It was really a very nice day ... we had a late dinner - which probably wasn't the best idea since Imogene has stopped taking naps. It's too much to even talk about, but we're surviving. Better than we were when I was spending the entire afternoon trying to get her to nap! But if you let the night go on too long, she turns into a lunatic. So tonight we let it go on a little too long. But Lily had fun presenting Daddy with his father's day ice cream cake, so it was worth stretching it out. And it was worth it when Imogene said "I hav my dert" (dessert) AFTER she ate some ice cream cake and a little bit of a Popsicle!!
I hope Bill enjoyed his day as much as we enjoyed a day where we get to spoil him. He's been working a lot -and will be doing so for the entire summer into the fall  :( - and we miss him. It's not the same in the mornings and evenings without him. So it was a great day to just do whatever Bill wanted!!! I know people say this all the time, but I could never have imagined (and never really thought about it!) how wonderful and dedicated Bill would be to our kids. He really is the best father and husband I could ever ask for. LUCKY LUCKY ME!!!
Imogene is really talking a lot, even though there is still a good bit that is unintelligible. She is saying "I luh you" and "I mihs you" ... she is doing a ton of imitating which is great. That was one of the first things that worried me over a year ago about her speech. She never repeated anything we said. Now she always says back the last word. She's really such a fun, happy girl.
We were sweeping off the front porch after we did the pots and she said "ceening?" Yes, Imogene we are cleaning up. "Ceening houf? Daddy Lily happy come home?"  For some reason that really tickled me!  She loves it when you clap for her. She is starting to understand emotions a lot more and if you pretend to cry she'll rub your face and say "no cy, no cy baby. it's o-k." If someone has a frown in a book she'll say, "He no happy." "She's happy, he no happy."
And she LOVES elephants. If only we could get her to say "elephant" and not just "ella!!"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sheer Joy

Summer Fun

 After the last day of school we went to a "Sprayground" with two of Lily's school buddies. Very fun even though it was pretty hot! The girls had a blast - Imogene was so tickled with herself about how wet she way. Kept saying "Mama, I All Weh!!!"

We also did some home nail salon on the last day of school afternoon.
Lily was very proud, so she snapped these pictures with my phone in the car! 

I had a trunk show last weekend in Maryland, and on the way home I called Bill to tell him that I had met the sales goals I needed to meet to go on an all-expense paid trip with Stella & Dot to a resort in Mexico (we'll worry about the violence there later.) (And we'll worry that Bill will be too busy with a trial to get to go with me in October later.) ANYWAY, while I was driving the hour home, Bill got the girls together and made me that precious sign (please note it is complete with mexican flag and a sombrero) and had James Taylor's "Mexico" song playing when I got in the door. He also had guacamole and chips and champagne for me and a margarita for him. (I hate tequila.) It was absolutely worth all that I have worked on these last 5 months to have their support and excitement for me - so worth it. And I hope they feel that way too! The celebration they gave me was as good as making the trip. I LOVE YOU BILL SIGLER.
Miss Pam always makes shirts for the class at the end of the year. 
This year's shirt was "We Wish You Well, and Send It Out."
Of course Lily loves it, wore it two days in a row and asks me every day if I've washed it yet.
We are also having a blast listening to the cd that Miss Pam made for the class.
Lily (And Imogene!) sing those songs with such joy and love listening to P read them books on the CD. She's having a blast this week getting to have Miss Patty as her teacher for Summer Camp. She loves getting to roam into the different classes that are set up for fun "Without even asking for permission!!!" She is also quite fond of the two middle school/high school age sons of one of the other teachers who are helping out!!!

"I Che my Eeeyyeess"

Imogene had her follow-up with Dr. Madigan, her ophthalmologist today. It was over an hour of four different people looking at her and shining lights in her eyes and asking her questions. Not to mention the three different eye drops. That sweet thing never fussed ONCE. She truly could not have been better. I was dreading being there for that long by myself and so stressed about the drops. She blew me away with her performance! All four of the doctors and nurses were so complimentary and kept asking me if she was always like this! HA, no she is not!! But I think she has been poked and prodded so much that she has just learned to deal with it. It's really cute when she points to both eyes separately and says "I che my eeeyyyeess."Her exam was perfect too - she doesn't need glasses anytime soon, and the results of the surgery are still perfect! Woo Hoo!

There was a 'tween' show on the disney channel in the waiting room. one of the characters was on hold with a help desk on the phone and he kept yelling, and she would say "He no happy."

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pizza Pizza!!!

Miss Pam took the class to see her husband (Big John's) restaurant, Zio's, which makes the most delicious pizza ever. I'm not just saying that, it was incredible. We can't wait until Miss Pam will escort us again sometime soon!

Getting ready to make her very own pizza.

Her pizza was cheese only. No sauce. Never wants sauce.

I honestly think her favorite part of the trip was wearing the special name tag.

Ballet "Recital"

Lily's ballet class was open for "observation" a couple of weeks ago. I love seeing how much she enjoys it, and how well she pays attention and if I do say so myself - is really good :) As good as you can be at pre-ballet :)

Watering Day...

On the next-to-last day of school Pam has all the kids over for an ice cream party and sprinkler play. Our water baby had a blast. She was SO excited and had so much fun running around the water, and of course screaming anytime she got wet, like it was a surprise. Every. Single. Time.

They are wishing you well and sending it out :)

That's our pisces. And I have to think Pam enjoys it a little bit getting to hose down her kids :) It was like watering your plant with Lily - she just wanted to stand there and get soaked!

And then run off and scream.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Too Many Tears...

Seriously everything made me cry today. WWP is over for Lily, and it's just hard to think about. I really can't write too much tonight, it just makes me so sad that this chapter of her life is through. There really is no better place for a child than that school, and it's just hard to believe she's been there for three years and now it's time to move on. I'm really not sad about kindergarten, just sad that her days at WWP are done. Not to mention that the ladies of that school have kept me from going completely insane, and I'll miss seeing them every day!

Here's our sweet Lily on her first day of Westminster.

And her last day of Westminster. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming to an End...

Lily's preschool days are almost over (Although she has two weeks of "Summer School" after this week).
But her last days with Carey & Pam are tomorrow and Friday. I will attempt to type this without crying. I know we will see them when Imogene is there in the fall on Thursdays and Fridays. But it just won't be the same. Until she starts their class in two years :)
The teachers write a little something about their class and each child. I thought I would share with all of you what Pam and Carey said about their class, and about Lily.

"This class has been the quintessential "WE WISH YOU WELL" class. (This is when you can send out a hug to someone who isn't at school, or a loved one who is sick or you just miss. Lily always wondered if her friends were wishing her well if she wasn't at school. And when she "sends it out" - she closes her eyes very tight.) Each year an organic theme emerges ... and this year has been the WISH WELL year. I think that we have Lily to thank for really keeping it front and center and the rest of the class for embracing it so wholeHEARTedly!! It is quite moving to see and hear this outward response of love being expressed. Our hope is that this will be carried on in their lives from this day forward. We could ask for no more lasting legacy."

"Lily -- What would we have done without you? You remember EVERYTHING, see EVERYTHING, and love EVERYTHING! You keep us on our toes and the class running the way it should!!! You are the quintessential WISH WELL LEADER - always sending love, good thoughts and good wishes to all."

For all that we deal with with these two girls, I have to always remember that they have the biggest hearts, both of them. My watery eyes, and my cup, runneth over with love for them.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Early Father's Day

Bill, Lily and the plate she made him at school for Father's Day.
He received it at the Four-Year-Old classes' year end picnic this week. It's SO hard to believe that Lily is going to be done with preschool on Friday. Fortunately she has two weeks of camp, so she doesn't have to say goodbye to WWP just yet, but she will say good-bye to being in Miss Pam & Miss Carey's class on Friday. BOO HOO HOO HOO HOO!!!!