Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wheel Day 2010

For many, many years, our neighborhood citizens' association has held a "Wheel Day Parade" the Sunday before Memorial Day. We've watched it a couple of times, but this was our first year in the parade! People decorate their bikes and strollers and wagons in all sorts of ways. Four girls in the 7-10 category were "Rolling Thunder" (the annual motorcycle gathering that comes to DC every Memorial Day), complete with (fake) tattoos. Both Lily and Imogene were very happy the whole time, and patient in the wagon, despite how very hot it was. A "Lily" in the four-year-old category won "Cutest Wagon." We weren't positive it was us - we ended up with 2 entry numbers - but we took the prize anyway, which was a ribbon that said "Outstanding." Perfect! 
We off to the parade! 
We certainly thought it was the cutest! :)

This hat fits her perfectly. It also fit Lily perfectly when she was 5 months old!!!! If that doesn't tell you how much smaller Imogene is than Lily was!

Lily woke up this morning at 6:15 am. That's about the earliest she's woken in over a year. I wasn't sure she'd make it to 3 pm, but she fell asleep watching sports with Bill before we left for the parade. First nap in over a year I think. Thank goodness!

With Will (who also won an "Outstanding" Ribbon for his fire truck entry.)

Who are the crazies that think she looks like mommy?

Watching the "awards" through the fence at the playground.

She tried hard to get through! 

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  1. whoa! she DOES look like bill in that picture! but just like both of my kids look like me, i think both of your kids look like bill! looks like you all had a nice holiday!