Saturday, May 8, 2010


Lily has this little song at school about the days of the week and it ends with a loud, "AND THEN IT'S SATURDAY!" I completely get the writers' statement on that one! Waking up on Saturday morning just feels good, even if it is earlier than I'd like! Probably because I wake up and remember that I have two whole days with Bill home!
We had the chance to have coffee and walk to the Old Town Farmers' Market with my cousin Janice and her husband Barrett this morning. I wish I'd remembered my camera. Imogene and Lily both really took to them. Imogene even let Janice hold her while we sat next to the fountain and watched some ducks. Their family lives in Connecticut, and before that Houston. It had been 7 years, at our wedding, since we'd seen them. How lucky that they were in town! My mom came from a family with lots of first cousins, and I grew up around a lot of them. A lot of them are still in SC, but it's hard as kids get older and schedules get crazier it is just so hard to really visit with each other. Sadly it feels like we only are all together at funerals and weddings - well that part isn't sad. ANYWAY, I have just felt really good today that Janice and Barrett were able to meet Imogene and Lily and that we got to catch up, even if just for a little while!

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