Friday, May 28, 2010

Zoo Trip

We had a great trip to the zoo this morning, despite the fact that every single school in the entire Washington DC area must have had a field trip there today. We even saw a class of 4 year olds from Westminster! The weather was nice and cool (despite Lily's outfit telling you otherwise!).
We saw two tigers and three lions. 
The cool weather brought lots of animals out to play!

She's fascinated by this...

The O-Line. That's an orangutan 45 feet up in the air. No nets - they just walk on wires that are hung in between tall towers, until they get back to their play-yard. Amazing!

We love the elephants! The zoo is undergoing a huge renovation for the elephants (and I think we'll get our giraffes back.) It won't be open until 2011!

This is either Tien Tien or Mai Shain. Just napping on the rock all sprawled out. Our family is still sad that their young panda, Tai Shan, had to go back to China, per the agreement between the zoo and China. That was fun trying to explain to Lily!

Imogene danced and danced in her stroller. It started I think, when she was flirting with Will. Then we all laughed so much at her that she kept it up for another 10 minutes. There is a video of it - which I hope I'll be able to get on here someday!

Lily visits the turtles on our way to the car. What a nice Friday morning! 

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