Sunday, May 30, 2010


These are my attempts to capture how pretty Lily's hair looked after her haircut and blowdry yesterday. She and I went together and went out to lunch afterward. It was a very nice time - and Bill & Imogene had a great time together too at the Farmers' Market and the grocery store. Lily did not want to wear a ponytail today because she was afraid she'd "lose her haircut."

Playing croquet in the yard with the boys.  (Or her "brothers" as Grunny calls them!)
Pay no attention to the "half-dress" she is wearing. She borrowed it at Lucy's on Thursday, and I had to wash it so that she could wear it again. The straps will not stay up (it's way too big!) but she insisted on wearing it yesterday. I remember that feeling of borrowing clothes from a friend. Don't know why, it just felt really special! 

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