Monday, May 24, 2010

Little things

Grunny and Charlie arrived last night for a quick visit. Lily said I could stay with her at her ballet class, since Grunny could keep Imogene. She's so sweet isn't she? So I stayed, which was fun. She gave me the happiest, biggest smiles during class. She was especially happy to have me there because her teacher made her the line-leader during most of class. Lily loves to be in a place of honor. I was happy to see that Lily really does enjoy ballet, and not to toot her horn, really pays attention and listens to the instructions. She's just the right age for the class. It was also good to see that her obsession with watching herself in the mirror is not vanity, it's being 4. Everyone of those girls was craning their necks to watch themselves in the mirror. Too funny. They each walk around in a circle with a wand and do a "ballet walk." The instructions are to hold your arms out-stretched, with your held and chin held high. This turns into walking with your eyes on the ceiling and almost falling over because you can't see where you are going!
One of our favorite places to eat was closed recently due to failure to pay taxes. I tried my best to explain this to Lily. When we noticed over the weekend that it was open, Lily said, "Yeah the smoothie place finally paid the man!" Apparently, she understood perfectly.
Imogene had a good check-up today with Dr. Baldrate. She is 20 lbs 6 oz, which is still 7th percentile. It's the "still" part that is a good thing. She isn't gaining much, but she isn't falling down the chart. The fun part was that we could turn her car seat around to face forward now that she is one year old AND weighs 20 pounds. We went on a quick ride up to the park this afternoon. She was pretty tickled and kept looking around like with this face of surprise and a little confusion. I absolutely adore Dr. Baldrate. She is such a helpful, pleasant person - what good fortune we had to be her patients! We'll see her again July 8, for Imogene's 18 month check-up and surgery pre-op. Lily goes to the ENT on June 11 for her follow-up. Imogene's surgery is July 19. Amazingly, those are the only appointments we have this summer (not including therapy). I'm sure I just jeinxed us.

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