Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drama Queens

This picture might be the all time cutest thing we've ever had of the girls. I didn't take it, and neither did Bill, so we can be especially braggy about it :) Bill was in Texas and I was working - so our wonderful other Lauren :) took it. How classic is this!?!? I think it's so perfect because Lily is wearing that "I'm 5 okay? Just take the picture!" face. And Imogene has on the big "I'm 2, so my 'cheese' face is really exaggerated and silly" face. Lily even has her head cocked in that "yeah, yeah, yeah" look. Too too perfect!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Apple Picking

We had a fun day - rather chilly and a little wet - at Homestead Farms today. Our friends Christine, Jack and Grace came too. And we were so happy that Erin and Naney could both come. Poor Naney, she's still on crutches from breaking a bone in her knee - so the apple farm was a little difficult!

Imogene's First Day

Imogene is officially in preschool!
She has handled things pretty well so far. I was sure she would absolutely go nuts when I left her, but she hasn't - yet!! She seems to be really happy in the room, and has made a friend! When she went in on Friday, her friend said to Miss Susie, "Do you know who that is? That's Imogene." It is so sweet to see her making her own friends. She has really never had a chance to make friends that were her friends - of course she has a few buddies - But they are siblings of Lily's friends. These will be HER friends! We ran into one of the girls on Friday afternoon, and she asked "Is that her big sister?" Finally, someone will associate Lily with Imogene instead of the other way around!

Lily was in such a strange mood - maybe she was worried about Imogene, or she didn't like her getting the attention! She did tell me that morning that she hoped Imogene would be happy and not cry.

As we were headed into school she decided she was mad and grumpy.

and then she changed her mind. She loves having a backpack. The long-sleeves and the backpack has brought out the difference between her arms. She cannot keep the strap on the right side, and then Friday she wore a dress that I could not keep the right shoulder on her! That one was a size 2, and today she wore a dress that fit her perfectly - it was a size 12/18 months!!! Oh my little peanut.

Getting the routine down. 

Miss Susie took these for me. I was not about to go in there after she went in without crying! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silent Treatment

Lily is not reporting much from school this week.
Yesterday was music, and she said it was not fun. (This may just be drama, but who knows.) She had art, which she was basically like - "yes, I liked it. Of course I did."  She had her first homework assignment last night. We came home from therapy at 5 - all of us exhausted. Imogene and I were gone from 9 am - 5 pm running around - we drove to therapy for her, and then ran an errand and then went and got Lily and went to her therapy. It was a marathon day. So we get home at 5 pm, and the ice cream social is at 6 pm at school. So I tell Lily to enjoy vegging out on the couch with her new favorite movie "Ramona & Beezus." And then I open the folder from school and see that she has homework. And we both just panicked. It was not a pretty scene. She had a to draw a picture and then write a sentence about it. Hello??? Write a sentence. She drew the picture and then we worked HARD on the sentence - it was torture and she was miserable. But we did it. So today I immediately opened her backpack on the playground after school to make sure we didn't have any for tonight. That's my new promise to myself - not walking in the door without knowing what's ahead of us! We have ballet and choir tomorrow after school, so she did her homework for tomorrow night today! Whew.
Yes, I said Ballet and Choir. And she's doing soccer on Thursdays. It's SO much to keep up with for me - but it's so good for her. I really think the more she sits around the more she just wants to watch TV and then she just whines and loses her mind. So we'll be active!!! OT will be every other Monday starting in October, which is nice. So we'll have Tuesdays and Fridays completely free (until she wants to do an after school program that the PTA offers!!!) ... We can always change our schedule. Just doing what I think works best for her ... and she is SO excited to sing in the church choir - I could not turn that one down. These two are definitely into music, dancing and singing.

And now I'm off to bed, since Imogene keeps waking up at night wanting me to sleep with her in her toddler bed - which remember, is just a crib with one of the railings taken off ... it's NOT.BIG.ENOUGH. for the two of us!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years ago, during my second year in law school, after taking my walk, I had walked into my apartment on West Franklin Street in Richmond that I shared with my dearest friend Jenny Markham.
I turned on the Today Show, and Katie Couric was explaining what they knew (which was nothing) about a fire in the World Trade Center ... and then it turned into knowledge that it was a plane. And sure enough, a few minutes later, the second plane. And then we all just knew. I know what chair I sat in that day in our little apartment. I know I tried to get a hold of Jenny, and of Bill, who were both in class ... and just wishing I could be with someone. We had computers and the internet in our classes (both at Richmond, and Bill at UVA), so we were all on IM (that was the big thing then, Pre-Facebook and texting - yes, there was a pre-facebook time!) I know I talked to my mom a lot, and absolutely lost it when the towers fell. And how terrified it made me to think of my friends still on Capitol Hill... do any of us not remember everything about that day? I was such a news junkie (if I could still be, I would) and I watched way too much TV that week. I remember how much I appreciated that our First Amendment professor let us just talk the next day in class. The teacher in the hour before, Wills & Estates, had gone on with the class as if nothing had happened.  Of course I have so many other memories about all of it - the small vigil we had that week at school. How happy I was to finally be with Bill later that week. But it's strange to look back now and remember what sticks out so much.

And so hard to believe how much has happened in my life, our lives, since then. And that this will probably be the last year, or maybe two, that Lily won't know a lot about what happened that day. While I would love for her to never know anything about it - I know that's not possible. I wondered today if there is a chapter in US History school books about that day. Lily knew that today was a big anniversary for the USA, and that a really sad thing happened. There have been huge US flags up on the overpass bridge near our house, and of course, lots of talk has gone on. But I think at least for this year, the details of it were spared her.

And then there is today, where our sweet girls were so well-behaved at church. Lily LOVED that she now is part of Creation Station (Sunday school) and the Children in Worship program that she will now participate in after the children's sermon. (First-graders and kindergarteners go to a story-time)
We drew with chalk in the front yard this evening while Bill was an usher at the 9/11 service at church. Imogene told me as she was falling asleep that the following people would call her to "see how my day was" on Thursday after school (I kid you not, this all came from her) Uncla Ry, Shushan, Naney, Chahlie, and Gunny. (Y'all have been warned.) From the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, she has learned the days of the week - not in order, but she knows them, and now likes to talk about what day it is. And the other day she just ran off a string of numbers - and she got to 13. Who IS this kid?? She is not eating anything though - absolutely the biggest food waster of all time. If it weren't for chocolate milk and fruit chew snacks, I swear she would not get any calories in her at all!

As Lily reported to Naney today, "She's all set for another great week of kindergarten."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Update

Yesterday's big news from school was that MR. Weitekamp brought them their class pet (or pets, I'm still confused how many of them there are.) Hermit crabs - Lily was not super impressed, but very focused on what they will name them. There was some sort of obstacle course in PE.  We were able to play on the playground after school, finally. It's going to be tough with Imogene trying to play on the playground. There are two playgrounds, and unlucky for us, the one that is on the school side - right outside of the kindergarten wing - has a huge jungle gym. Imogene does pretty well on it when it is just a few kids, but when ALL the kids are out there, it's just not a safe situation. It's going to be a long fall.
Mrs. Weitekamp called tonight and told us that Lily is adjusting well to school and making friends. It was such a pleasant call and it made me feel really good about this year going forward. She said that she is fully aware of the fact that Lily is with her more than she is with us (Sniff, Sniff) and that means that she owes it to us to be very open and accessible about how she is doing. Love her!
We saw a little girl in Imogene's class at the church bbq tonight. When I reminded her that they would be in school together and could play together Imogene said, "yeah I so eggsighted." Oh I hope she feels that way on Thursday!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Water Update

Someone now claims we are up to over a foot of rain...areas very close to us are being evacuated. We are so lucky so far!!!

This is Getting Crazy...

Our house is actually humid. It's been raining since Monday (rained a little bit Saturday and I think Sunday too.) I just found something that said we've gotten over 8 inches of rain since Monday afternoon. Parts of the major beltway around Washington are flooding, and there are tons of areas that have the roads blocked by water. This is insane.

Lily's report. Today was the day they went to the library. Her takeaways from this visit. You get to check out a book. You are allowed to keep it for JUST 7 days. You cannot eat while reading the book. Your hands should not be sticky while reading the book. That's pretty much word-for-word how she told me. She's attaching herself to a cute, outgoing, very social (sound familiar?) girl named Ellie in her class. There was talk of "best friend"... I'm happy that she is making friends so easily, but for some reason I really don't want her to get too attached to any one child just yet. I want her to be open to all kids and really, I don't want to imagine her ostracizing any sweet little girl her class! Another thing I'm just going to have to let go, and hope that sweet Lily will prevail!
According to Lily, it is not going to rain tomorrow, because her principal said something of that nature about the weather on the speaker this morning. She's been very captivated by the whole 'speaker' thing. Imagine that though - people just talking out of the ceiling every morning. Must be such a funny thing to experience for the first time! Oh, she drew something she "liked" and it was her playing in the puddles. I have not actually seen this in person, mind you.

Imogene had her open house at school today (and then got to be the only kid at the teacher/preschool board luncheon - she's lucky those WWP ladies love her so much.) She was very, very interested in the coat hooks, and her cubby, and a little pink playhouse they have in the room. She said hello to people and sort of to the kids, but she really did not want to interact with anyone. Of course she went across the room to see Pam when she came in, and then pretended at lunch like she didn't want to see her, and then sat in her lap and rubbed all over her face and played peekaboo with her shirt. That girl knows exactly what she is doing!!! She did say tonight that she is going to stay at school, and I'll come get her and she won't cry. Hmmm...we'll see about that.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Call it the Gym

Lily's big news today was P.E. Which she talked about the whole way home and then said, "What does PE mean anyway?" Her new favorite word is 'gymnasium' ... and then she says, "but we just call it gym."
She walked out of school (it's STILL pouring rain by the way) and said, "Okay, we have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 in the morning until 11 in the morning." You know she walked into the room this morning and drove Mrs. Weitekamp crazy until she answered that question.

Ballet started today and of course, she was very happy. She waited to be the last one in so she could give Ms. Mulligan a hug. :)

I missed Lily a lot today. I think Imogene did too...the minute we left therapy she said "okay, less gogeh Lily!" Poor thing, it took 3 and a half more hours to get to that time!

There's a lot I need to say about therapy, but I'm too tired. Let's just say that I went into it being so sick of going, and after seeing two girls who have it so very much worse than we do, I remembered to count my blessings and just take one day at a time.

So lucky!

I just got this in an email from our new 'nanny'  (named Lauren!!!). Is she awesome or what? I am so thankful that we were able to snag her for Tuesdays for Imogene so I can work. I guess it's okay to call her nanny - she's not really a "babysitter" ... she's so wonderful. And she's already on the schedule for us about 10 times between now and mid-October. Bill is just swamped at work, and business is busy for me too (yeah!!!) I am so thankful to have someone who can help us out and really be our "go-to" person for the girls. Such a relief!!!!

Day 2

She bounded down the stairs and said, "I'm ready for another great day of kindergarten!"
Very worried that she has PE today, and this messes up her plan to wear dresses every day.
So the dress she has on is really too short now as a dress, so we put little shorts on underneath. Crisis averted! Hoping she will go with this plan for a while, and I can find some biker shorts for her to wear until she is in leggings or pants the rest of the year!
She really wanted to just walk with Bill, but Imogene absolutely panicked about not walking to school. Sobbing ... doesn't' help that half the neighborhood congregates outside our door to walk down together. So there she went in tow in her cute little raincoat holding her daddy's hand. Wish I'd gotten a picture.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kindergarten is Here!

Well, we did it. And without any (major) tears from Mommy. Lily was anxious/nervous when we got there. She told me later today that she almost cried when she sat down but she kept it in. (I wonder SO much whether she is being dramatic or if that really happened!) She made us wait in the room until her friend Grace arrived, and then she let us go. We got lots of hugs ("I am going to miss you Mommy" got me with some well-hidden tears!) and then she was done. She ran out of the building and yelled "That was so fun" when we picked her up. She has repeatedly said that art was her favorite thing. She even drew a panda bear for us tonight. It really was a legitimate picture with the panda and grass and sky and a sun. I cannot tell you how long I've waited to see if she'd be at all interested in anything like that! And she is - which is fun to see. She was a complete mess this afternoon - absolutely SO tired. She did say later this evening that she was sorry that she got like that. We'll see if she remembers that tomorrow - although she has ballet right after school tomorrow, which I think is a good thing! She won't have time to sit and think about being tired which turns into grumpy, especially since I've said no to TV this week. I sorta regretted that this afternoon!! But she is ridiculously attached to watching TV, and I don't want her to just expect to come home and watch a bunch of TV right after school. We'll see how long I can stand it :)

Monday, September 5, 2011


There is SO much I could post right now, but I will just share this picture right now and hopefully blog more later tonight. This is our Lily exactly 5 years ago this weekend... Time has just gone too fast.