Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nationals v. Braves

Ryan, Whitney, Lily and I went to the Braves v. Nationals game on Wednesday night. The Brown kids grew up big Braves fans. I have memories of driving over to Atlanta with our family friends the Babcocks (three boys) to see a game during the week. I also remember going with them to a practice round of the Masters, so maybe I'm confusing the two events. But anyway, Ryan is still a big fan of "America's team," so it was great timing that they were in town while he was here. Lily was a great fan, cheering for both teams, and upon the announcement of any Nats players, screaming their name and then - "he's my favorite player!"  "Nyger Morgan! I love him!" It was comical.  If Ryan cheered for the Braves, she would call out for the Nats. Seriously, she was a blast at the game. Begged for cotton candy, took two bites, and then declared "Yea, I really don't like this stuff." Whitney and I proceeded to finish it off for reasons we do not know. We stayed until the 8th inning, only to miss the Braves comeback win in the 10th. Sorry Ry!
The next morning when I told Lily that the Nats lost she said, "Oh, but I was such a great fan, the number one fan, and they still lost?!?" Here are pictures to prove what a great fan she was.
With the cotton candy before she realized what it tasted like.

She's got the glove ready! 


Here she is, the number one fan! She loves her new hat and foam #1!

Lily took this one of her favorite part of the game.

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