Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School Shopping

If I hadn't been completely harried and way too tired, I would have taken more pictures.
But the girls and I went shopping today for socks and underwear and a pair of jeans for Lily. Of course we came home with one pair of socks for Lily, lots of underwear, no jeans, and three other outfits. How does this happen to me? Imogene wanted a pair of wings (out for halloween) at a store and kept saying "pittypeese" (pretty please) and I said, no, but here, have these two pairs of socks. She was ELATED! "A whiy (white) one, and a pink one!" She can be very sweet and very, very cute.
Lily picked a dress for the first day of school (another tradition from my childhood that I have to carry on) that is really adorable. She insisted on a dress, and it was the last store we went in when we finally found it. It is so cute on. Can't wait for you to see it on TUESDAY!!! Less than a week to go. She found out today that a buddy from soccer is in her class and she is super excited about that. She made me show her the email the little girl's mom sent me so she could "read" it herself.

Other really cute thing Imogene says right now, "I meetcha theya." (I meet ya there.)
She also loves to tell Lily, "I comin Lily."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Girl!

Lily got a note in the mail today. I read it to her, and then she recognized the name at the end, and was SO excited.  It was from her teacher, Ms. Weitekamp! This is the same teacher she had at K-prep, and she seemed to really like her, and the assistant too. She said, "Mom, I cannot stop reading this note. I am so happy she's going to be my teacher." Whew, step one complete!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Therapy Update

Lily had her evaluation with Child Find two weeks ago. I will not go into the very, very long diatribe I have about the system that is set up in Alexandria city for finding out if your child is eligible to receive any additional services in school. Let's just say it's a complete mess, and I almost gave up.
Which I guess I could have done, because it turns out neither of them will qualify for any additional help at this time. Lily is age-appropriate for everything they'd help her with - I guess I figured that was coming - and it is a good thing. Of course I don't want her to be behind her peers. She is really starting to draw more 'things' - a sun and a flower this past week. Yes, more than not her drawing is scribbles. But she's progressing a bit. The system that they use to evaluate basically tells them if she is delayed in a manner that will hinder her education. It's too long to get into it, but my worry remains that her inability to focus is going to be a huge factor in her ability to enjoy school. And they could not have seen that in the short time they spent with her. So we wait to see how Kindergarten goes, and then we can ask her to be re-evaluated afterwards. And we make sure the teacher (we find out tomorrow!), the school OT, and the principal are all aware of what she's been working on with Amy these last 10 months. Lots of vigilance on my part, which is fine. I figure someone has to be the over-zealous parent, might was well be me.
The woman I've worked with the most at Child Find is great. And she spent some time with Imogene while we were talking and waiting on Lily. And while Imogene has an appointment with CF in October, she all but told me it was a waste of time, that she wouldn't get any services. She's going to be able to "function" in preschool and while she has CP and diminished use of her right side, that's not going to hinder her education. Or so they say. I'll say that everyone who sees her on a regular basis disagrees (me and the therapists) but I think that it's just such a standard system they use, and from what I've seen, they are completely overloaded and just can't help everyone. Honestly, I think that's part of it. We are clearly capable parents who are at a wonderful preschool, and we just don't fit in the system. Maybe I'm wrong and she really will 'function' - but I don't want her to just 'function' - I want her to soar to the highest place she can!
She starts WWP on September 15 and we are THRILLED that she's going to be with Miss Susie and Miss Brandy. Lily had Miss Brandy in the 3's and was so fond of her. And we love Miss Susie already. I think Imogene (once she gets past the initial separation trauma) is going to be so happy at school. I just want her to be safe and be able to keep up as much as she can.

We saw Dr. Morozova during the never-ending week of therapy/doctors visits. Imogene is 'beautiful' she said :) She is dragging her right foot - mostly her toes - and so we go tomorrow to be fitted for a new brace. This one will have an angle to it that should help her use her muscles along the top of her foot that she basically ignores. She was impressed with how her muscles have adapted to a huge growth spurt (height, not weight of course!) she had since we were last there. In a CP situation like Imogene's, the muscles respond by getting tighter when the bones grow, and Imogene does not seem to be getting to that point just yet. Which is Great! She also said that when she is age-appropriate, she'll do well to be in dance, piano and tai kwon doe classes. That's fun to imagine!!

Swing, Swing, Swing

The girls had OT back to back two weeks ago, so we ended up doing some stuff as a 'duo-therapy.' - Like swinging in these cool swings! For Lily it gets her upper body going more, and for Imogene it was a good way to get her to put pressure on her right side, and use her right arm. 


Yes, it has been two weeks since I posted, again. Bill was gone for a week, and during that week we had 6 therapy or doctor appointments. It was nutty. Then I packed up the girls and we headed to Columbia to spend the night with Naney before picking daddy up from Dallas for a week at the beach. Which of course was cut short by Irene. But a good week nonetheless. I will attempt get caught up!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rolling By...

Yes, it has been 2 weeks since I last posted. We have been on the go all day every day.
Between my work, Bill's never-ending work, the girls' therapy schedule, Lily at K-prep, trips to the pool and all the other stuff that I feel like sucks the time out of every day, I just haven't posted on the blog. And this week doesn't look too good for me having time to blog - between the two of them the girls have 6 therapy/doctors' appointments. Plus a playdate, a visit from some wonderful old friends, and haircuts! All before we leave Friday to head to SC for our week at the beach!

Bill did get a cute picture of Lily at the DC United game last night.
We have spent a ton of time re-organizing the basement with an amazing new shelving system that came in 9 boxes ... Bill spent hours building it, and then I spent hours getting all the stuff into it. It has made a HUGE difference in how we all enjoy playing in the basement. I'm so glad we finally decided to get what we needed! It actually looks even better than this now ... but you get the idea.
The boxes before ... (There were two others that arrived three days later!!)

So here are some random pictures from our last few weeks.
 They had a blast at our friend Emory's birthday party - a music teacher came and did a little music together class. Both of course loved that. And Lily was very attentive to imogene the entire time.
 These two are loving their cake!
 Lola and Imogene, such sweet pals. 

 Another set of pals ... 

 Someone absolutely loves chocolate. 

Wouldn't want to leave any behind! 

 And finally, Lily and her buddies from K-prep camp. They had so much fun that week I think! 
(We took them out for ice cream on the first day. And of course had them line up to preserve the moment. In front of the cooler. :)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Kindergarten Prep Has Begun!

She's there right now! And we get to go back and get her in an hour! YEAH! I miss her and I'm feeling a million emotions. For now I will say that despite the fact that there was not a single familiar face in her classroom, and that the two kids sitting at her table neither one spoke a ton of English, she did really well at the drop-off. I am bursting to hear what she thought. This is not her regular class or maybe even her teacher for the year. They use these two weeks to assess the kids and see where they would fit best. But the kindergarten is in a pod- so they are all right there together. KINDERGARTEN!!! Ahhh.... I did pretty well today - but when we drop her off with all the other kids in September and she is there from 745-235 I know I'll be a wreck.

Walking with her buddy Will. 

This is in the classroom. 
I could not get her to smile ... or take a good picture all morning because she could not stop talking!


Bill took the day off Friday, and after swim lessons, we headed to Baltimore to visit the National Aquarium. We were there for over 2 hours, and we saw everything! About 20 minutes into it Lily looked at Bill and said, "daddy I did not think this was going to be fun, but this is great!" Apparently she thought we were going to see a shark, a turtle and a fish and turn around and head home! Imogene wanted to see turtles, which she saw plenty of ... we saw the divers feeding the fish and the dolphins swimming around.  It really could not have turned out better - but wow, taking those two anywhere for
 almost 3 hours wears mommy and daddy out! :)
Her last day of swim lessons.  She improved drastically and will stick her face in and swim around! We were so thrilled with the progress. She's going to do lessons with the instructor again this week.

She sees a turtle!

This is kinda freaking me out looking at it! 

Lily loves to look at maps and tell us where we are going.

Not really the best picture taking opportunities,  but I like how it shows how much Imogene wants to be just like Lily. All. The. Time.


Lily really wanted to give Imogene a present for her half-birthday. So we got her one too :)

The big two and a half year-old celebrated with  Minnie Mouse doll and a set of little elephants to go with a set they have called Calico Critters. She was really tickled and I was so impressed by Lily wanting to make it a nice day for her!