Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures from May

Little behind on my pictures!
Look at that face - she knows she's up to something! 

She put Nane to work right away when she visited a couple of weeks ago
 - getting a book out to have read to her as soon as Naney walked in the door.

She's making it a little difficult to turn the pages. 
A few days later, and it's Charlie's turn to read!
 I left the room to get the girls something to drink. This is what I came back to. 
Imogene unloaded an entire box of wipes. I love her face - she knows she is up to no good. You can also see how red her nose is. She's had a cold for over a week now. Poor thing! Her new 'sound/word' is ooohhhh, or eehhh-ooohhh ... her version of Uh-Oh! 

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  1. hadley does the SAME thing with the wipes. i just figure it could be worse.