Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

At school on Wednesday, the moms were invited for some breakfast and time in the classroom. It was crazy with all the kids and their moms and some siblings in the room, but it was really sweet to see all the kids so happy to have their moms with them! I was especially lucky to be there because Ryan and Whitney watched Imogene for me while I went, which gave me the chance to focus on just Lily, which I really appreciated. Before we left the class, our kids gave us our presents, paper flowers in a cute little plastic pot that said "World's Best Mom." Lily had been calling me that all week, so I figured it had something to do with school and Mother's Day. One day last week she asked me if I would buy her a certain DVD and I told her we'd see about it later. She said "Well, you could buy it for me for Mother's Day." "Lily, Mother's Day is a day when you celebrate your mom and your grandmothers' and all the other moms you know and you love." "Well, Mom, I've been working really hard on all these things for you at school, so maybe it could be like, you know, a thank you present for all that stuff."
She's always a step ahead of me that kid.
She wanted me to see her do "Dot Art" in her classroom, just like she does at home. 

The scene. Moms and kids everywhere.

World's Luckiest Mom!

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