Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ride Em Cowgirl

It's hard to even explain how this even happened today, because we weren't there to see it unfold.  Lily was invited to go down to the elementary school for their carnival with Will. So she headed down there, and Bill, Imogene and I met her there. As we arrived, she was standing in line with Blanton, Will's dad, at the pony rides. Of course I think that Will must be in line, and Lily's just waiting with him. Bill walks over to them, and I stop to say hello to some friends. When I head over there, Lily is RIDING THE PONY! I almost missed it. She was just as content as could be. Like it was no big deal to be riding a horse!!!!! What a big, big girl she is. She followed it up with a face painting, and three trips into the bounce house. "Next year, let's buy 48 tickets so we can stay forever."

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