Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From the files...

Tonight Lily absolutely clocked her head on the corner of her dresser. She cried and cried, rightfully so. When I said something like, "okay sweetie, let's try and relax, take a deep breath," her response was, "And then I can start crying again?"
Yesterday we went over to Lucy's and played in the plastic baby pool and water table. Lily and Lucy were laying down with their heads on the side like pillows. Lily to Lucy, "Hey Luce, isn't it nice on a hot, hot day to lay and rest in a nice cool pool?"

Imogene is ridiculously cranky lately. She is so opinionated and fiesty and gets so, so angry when things don't go her way. If she doesn't want to get into the car seat she goes straight like a board and slams her left arm around and just screams and cries. If you take something away or won't give her something (for example, the keys while you are driving), she just goes bananas. She has even started laying down on the floor in a completely dramatic fashion. That part of her behavior lately is pretty funny. OT Amy and I were discussing this today (IBS was less than fun at OT), and we talked about how it's her age, but also her frustration with her inability to move the way she wants, and she can't express her wants with words. But she's determined and very strong-willed, so that's a good thing. Her performance today was not helped by her sleep last night. It took us until 11:15 PM to get her to go to sleep last night. She would not go to sleep for anything. Poor Bill, she loves him to pieces but was so clingy to me that she sobbed into hyperventilation when he would try and put her down. He battled her again tonight, but so far it has gone better than last night.

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