Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Night's alright for Blogging...

Yep, I'm blogging on a Saturday night. Bill's settled in for the Celtics game, so I'm doing a little catch-up. This has been a quiet week by our standards! I am feeling a good bit better, but still really congested. Poor Imogene has the congestion too. She is not a fan at all of having her nose wiped. It was finally warm at the end of the week, and we were able to get outside. Being able to go outside in the afternoon makes such a difference in the outlook of the day! Lily has been hard to deal with lately. Not sure what to make of it, but she just hasn't been herself. You can ask her to do something until you are blue in the face and she just won't do it. One of the recommendations her school director had to help her focus more was to have her race against the clock when we give her tasks. That works, and it works well. She was all a mess, whining and fussing tonight about me putting her pajamas on, and as soon as I told her I bet she couldn't do it herself in 2 minutes she was on her feet and in those pj's! She can be so sweet and so dear, so it's especially frustrating when she's so frustrating! I love it when she tries to help Imogene with something and mimics me, "it's okay sweetie. here you go sweetie. oh I just love you little baby sister. you are my most favorite little sister." I may have already written this, but last week she was singing "I love my dad, I love my mom, I love myself, and i love my sister."
We were playing in the backyard and she had us playing softball (not baseball she said). She was the pitcher and she would swing her arms all around her head like she was winding up. Then she looked at Bill and said "daddy, don't look at my face, keep your eyes on the ball." "And when you get a hit, run around the bases (which weren't there) and then you run home. Home is Mommy." She really enjoys sports, especially when she's playing with the boys next door. She sat and watched college softball this afternoon by herself for about 20 minutes.
Lily is also obsessed with her various and always-changing imaginary friends.  She gets so involved in their stories and how she's going to see them at their birthday party, and on and on. It kind of makes me sad that she'll never actually get to do all that she plans to do with them! There is Curlia, Shirlia, Arlia ... usually made up names. They all have siblings who are older - usually 13 1/2. The past two weeks she's made me call her Charlotte a lot. Imagining her own imaginary name! Wade and Will both rode in the car with us this week, on separate trips. Those poor boys. Lily absolutely did not stop talking the entire time we were in the car. I know she comes by the constant-talker trait naturally from her mother. But when she has a friend with her, it's like she thinks they have just arrived on planet Earth. "Okay Will. Now my mom is going to drive the car. She stopped the car, and when she comes to the door we can get out. We're going to walk across the street now and go into the ice cream store. We'll get ice cream there." Will is her age, and he just sits and listens to her, bless him. Wade is 7, and tried so hard to get a word in himself, but Lily just kept right on talking.

Imogene is doing so well (despite her cold.) She's starting to cruise around the furniture a little bit - just a few steps here and there. Today she was trying to hold two balls, and stretched her right hand open as much as she could to try and hold the ball. Such recognition on her part that she already had a ball in the left, so she had to use the right. She really understands so much. Tonight she was ready for dinner, and she kept crawling out of the TV room and looking at the rest of us like "COME ON!" I asked her if she was ready to eat dinner and she nodded her head and shook her arm in front of her. That's her version of the sign-language "please." We go to Dr. Baldrate Monday morning for a check-up. Usually you only go at 15 months and 18 months, but Dr. Baldrate likes to see her every 6 weeks, mostly to check her weight.

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