Sunday, February 28, 2010

She's Almost 4!

Lily is on a roll with her funnies this weekend.
Me: "What comes after church"(expecting her to say lemonade at the fellowship hour, her favorite thing)
Lily: "Monday and we go to school!"
While watching Tennessee rush the court after beating Kentucky, "why are the people running on the field?"
We watched the US-Canada gold medal game at a birthday party this afternoon and she was in the other room when Canada crushed our hearts and beat the US and she came in the room with her hands on her head "Oh man those Canadas scored. They won the whole game."
She has asked 100 questions about her birthday. I don't blame her, it's pretty confusing that her actual birthday is Tuesday, and she gets to celebrate at home and at school and then Saturday we're having her princess party with a handful of girls. She knows Tuesday is her birthday, but I guess she figures her party should be Tuesday too. She asked today "Will I still be 4 at my birthday party?"

Imogene is doing a great job bearing weight into her right arm while she crawls (which is actually called creeping by therapists). She is really getting around more up on all fours, and while she still goes on her belly in an army crawl, more often than not she starts out up off her belly before going down. That's progress. We go back to the pediatrician tomorrow for a weight and height check. I have a good feeling she packed on some pounds these past few weeks despite how sick she was!

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