Thursday, February 4, 2010


So we're about to get wallopped again by a huge snowstorm, which is normal because we live in Maine and all. Oh, we don't live in New England? It only feels like that because it has snowed three times in the last week? Oh right. Of course. Silly me. Alexandria closed schools yesterday, so that meant that Lily's school was cancelled yesterday (I am sure they wish they hadn't closed school for a snow that had melted by mid-morning, since they've already cancelled school for tomorrow. And looks like it will be at least Tuesday before they go back.)
This weekend should provide me with plenty of time to do a thorough update on the goings-on of the last week at the Siglers. But I couldn't let today go by without telling you my favorite part of today. Maggie folded my laundry without me even asking her to do so. I.LOVE.MAGGIE.

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