Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lily's New Obsession

In her defense, this is my fault. At his office gift exchange, Bill got the Glee Season One DVD's. (Glee is a show on Fox about a high school glee club.) I had seen one episode and liked it, so Bill and I started watching it when we lost our cable back in January. We liked it (I worship it) and so we finished it last week. For Valentine's I got the two cd's of the show's music. So of course Lily needs to know everything about the music, who all the people are on the CD cover. She goes all in on something like this - it's just how she is. So when she figured out that the songs were on a show, she had to see it. Needless to say, a show on Fox about high school kids (despite the fact that it's not really all that risque, there is a pregnant character, etc.) is not exactly for Lily's viewing. But the music parts are okay, so we've spent the last two afternoons watching the songs on the DVDs. She is absolutely obsessed. I really don't blame her, but her questions are incessant. Especially when the cheerleader is pregnant and she stops being on the cheerleading squad, so she no longer wears her uniform in every scene. Lily HAS to know why she's not "the cheerleader anymore. where is her cheer costume?" She will not accept my "she just isn't wearing it anymore" answer. I am not surprised at all at her love of the show. For starters, it's an awesome show. But more than anything, Lily just loves singing and dancing. (Her Naney was a drama major, and sang in the Miss South Carolina pageant. I sang in a children's choir and did a teeny, tiny bit of acting.) It's in her blood! Her favorite movies are Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and White Christmas. And now she has a favorite TV show.

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  1. i love glee. and my babysitters think i'm so cool because it's on my DVR.
    i always think kenton is not paying attention if i have one of my shows on, but now he is into cake boss - he's asked me for 3 days to make him an aquarium cake with a big shark and a killer orca on it. ???