Thursday, February 11, 2010

Groundhog Day

And we're still in Siberia. Lily actually said today, "why is the sun out?" It's been that long since we've had a nice day. Or at least it feels that way to all of us. It was cold today, but not miserable, and we all actually ventured out. Lily and Mommy to make a snow bunny & a snow girl, Mommy & the girls just to walk down the street, and poor Daddy only got out to shovel, again. Daddy had to work today, and is really not feeling well. Go figure - he's done nothing but shovel, work, and be cooped up in a house with two very runny-nosed coughing feverish little girls!!!!
We are supposed to be precipitation free until, wait for it.... Monday!!! when we have a 50% chance of a few more inches. Really, what's a few more inches when you've already gotten 35 in a week!!!

Wednesday morning. Not sure you can tell, but there was snow blowing absolutely everywhere.
Our snow girl. And our other snow girl.

She couldn't get up. I was amazed she could even walk around at all. When I stepped into the snow, it went up almost to my knees. There's no telling how much snow was still under my feet.
Lily loves the book and TV series "Max & Ruby." We built a snow bunny just like they did. I think it looks part fox, part dog, part cat, part bunny. But Lily loved it, and that's all that matters!

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