Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not a Happy Camper

Poor Imogene. She is just miserable. Based on the fact that her body is covered in a rash, it appears she has roseola, which is a viral infection characterized by high fever for several days followed by a rash after the fever ends. That would fit Imogene exactly. We have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow if we feel like she's not getting better. She is so, so miserable that I think I might take her. Really, what's another doctor's appointment? She was so unhappy during OT today - in the end I really shouldn't have taken her, but with their cancellation policy (24 hour notice is taken very seriously) it's hard to know when to cancel. I did cancel for tomorrow's PT - she's just not up for all that this week.

Lily is so excited to be 4. She keeps talking about how there are 6 days left, and then there will be 5, and then 4, etc. But when you remind her that most 4 year-olds get themselves dressed, she says that her birthday is in 10 days. She is too smart sometimes. Lily asks me the title of every song we listen to (especially on Glee). I've realized that song titles sound really, really silly when you say them out loud. For example, "Bust Your Windows" or "Can't Fight This Feeling" - both Glee songs, of course. Tonight I ran upstairs while the girls were playing in the basement to put dinner in the oven and Lily said "Mom, I'll be a good babysitter while you're gone." She comes half-way up the stairs about 2 minutes later as I hear Imogene getting a little fussy. "I'm sorry Mom, I just couldn't keep that baby happy for soooo long."

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