Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Puppet Show Pictures

The girls are ready for the show!
Maggie & Imogene in their pj's.
Meet Miss Pam -
Lily's teacher for next year, and a loyal blog reader.
Also an incredibly dear woman who is always checking on us
and loves Imogene! She'll let you hold her one day Miss Pam!

poor Imogene is sooo tired. But the rest of us were having fun!
Lily and some friends from school, with their post-show milk and cookies. The little girl on the right is Lexy, who is in the 4 year-old class. Lily is in love with Lexy.
It's her first 'older-girl' crush.

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  1. Oh there I am!!!! We had a great time at the PJ night, didn't we! I love how Imogene hides from me a little (but not too much)! I can't wait for the day I can hold her - and one day we will talk about it!!! And I see Lily "all the time"!!! xxxooo to all!