Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed In

We got around 10 more inches yesterday in a true blizzard - winds were horrendous. Miraculously we didn't lose power. I admit that getting stuck in your house for the greater portion of 6 days has been pretty mind-boggling. But we managed to have some sweet moments yesterday. Bill was home, but poor him - unfortunately had to spend a great part of the day working. Lily and I made chocolate kiss peanut butter cookies. Lily's job was to unwrap the kisses and when I told her we needed 48 she said "That is a LOT!" And then asked me to count with her after every single kiss she unwrapped. She helped me roll the dough into balls and in the sugar (hers were very cute with her little finger prints all over them.) And she helped put the kisses in the cookies. Funniest part, she only eats the cookie if it doesn't have a kiss on top. Whose kid is this? Doesn't want the chocolate???? So now we've baked chocolate chip cookies, brownies and peanut butter cookies. And blueberry muffins. And we've made pancakes, omelets, chicken corn chowder, tacos, beef stroganoff, and tonight we're having honey chicken in the crock pot. I cheated one night and made lasagna from the freezer. Buddy am I sick of the kitchen! We're looking forward to heading out to dinner tomorrow night - with rest of Alexandria I'm sure! People will be out in full force I'm sure dying to get out of their houses.
Imogene seems to be a little stir-crazy. She could definitely use a change of scenery. But she's gotten lots of practice this week on her hands and knees, and really wants to crawl. Per the PT & OT suggestions, we've ordered a 'pedi-wrap' for her to stabilize her arm. It is traditionally used for kids after surgeries or in the hospital that keep them from scratching at stitches, etc. But it should help stabilize Imogene's arm enough so that she feels more comfortable bearing weight on it. Of course it hasn't come yet, since we have only gotten mail once in a week.
Lily watched "Cars" yesterday, which for a while was her absolute favorite thing. She remembered afterward that she couldn't find her Lightning McQueen toy, so she came up with the idea to make a 'missing' poster for everyone who came over to see that he was missing. It was pretty clever of her (of course I did most of the drawing!) but she was so cute about looking for him. lily has actually handled all of this really well, despite a terrible cold and what appears to be a stomach bug settling in on her and her daddy. Good times for all! (perhaps putting her fingers all over the cookies wasn't such a good idea after all?) She misses school she said - she finally gets to go back on TUESDAY. Goodness gracious.
Did we mention that the weather forecast has us getting a few more inches on Monday?????

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