Monday, February 8, 2010

Here in Canada - Pictures to Prove It

You might have heard that the Federal Government is closed again tomorrow. You might think that's pretty silly of them. You would be wrong. This place is a mess. We drove out to lunch and to Target today, and then Bill went out again looking for de-icing salt. Go figure, it took about 5 places to find it. The interstate is a mess Bill reports and even the bigger roads around here that are pretty major thoroughfares are just covered in snow. They have been plowed, but the layer of ice and snow is so thick, and makes for quite the rollercoaster ride in the car! We just saw a weather report that says the 'best chance' for tomorrow into Wednesday is 10-15 more inches. This is more stressful than fun as Bill just said. There are 20-30 mile per hour winds forecasted with this new storm (I like the name Snoverkill someone suggested!) and that means more worries about trees coming down, which leads to power outages. There are so many trees down around here. I am at a loss for how to describe how many! Yesterday I saw a crew of inmates shoveling snow, and a few walked down our street this afternoon. Yep, the department of transportation and the city corrections department have a program where inmates shovel snow. Nice! I will say that the storm has given us a lot of family time, although Bill has spent most of it shoveling. Together we've wiped the girls' noses approximately 350 times. They both have terrible colds, but are hanging in there pretty well.

This is our street.

Our house.

This doesn't really tell you how much we got, because she's standing on a slope!

The snow made a nice chair.

Imogene loves being outside in the snow. Go figure.

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