Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Virus, A Nasty, Nasty Virus

Imogene had blood work done this morning at the doctor. Her white blood cell count was low, which shows a virus. Based on some other indicators from the labs, the doctor classified it as a nasty virus. Since it's a virus there isn't anything for her to take to get better, just have to run its course. We made a follow-up appointment for Thursday in case she's not getting better. We already have an appointment scheduled for Monday for a weight & height check based on her 12 month stats. And next Thursday Lily has her 4 year check-up.
Seriously, they might have an express lane for us at the pediatrician soon.

Another congratulations for our friends Brian and Sherry here in DC. They welcomed their baby girl Virginia Madison last night. (Imogene's name was almost Virginia, so we love that!) What a baby boom for our friends! Yeah for the Hopes!

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