Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Fever

The good news is that Imogene does not have any new ear infections. The bad news is that she is still running a pretty high fever. She was so upset at dinner that she threw up everything she ate (sorry, that's gross.) It is probably a virus on top of the current ear infection, but she's unhappy to say the least. Poor baby, she just can't catch a break.
But we've had a nice weekend nevertheless and finished it up with a visit from "Aunt" Erin - that's a great Sunday in itself!
Lily watches NASCAR with Bill whenever she can. It's a long story how we got involved in watching car racing - let's just say that it has nothing to do with me growing up in SC, but came from a friend of a friend during Bill's law school days. So anyway, Lily adopted as 'her car' today the car driven by Juan Pablo Montoya - because he drives the Target car. There's that brand recognition for you!


  1. Hang in there Lauren. Spring is right around the corner and then you all can spend the day in your beautiful garden.

    Thinking of you.

  2. Target definitely has good brand recognition. This weekend, Sydney picked up a receipt with the red bullseye, and shouted "Target!" Hope Imogene is feeling better!