Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Picture Time, Picture Time

This is one of the snow days ... Lily is reading to Imogene.
(I just looked closely at this picture. Lily's outfit is a riot and her eyes are so swollen. And poor Imogene's nose is just running away! These girls - no wonder they are both on antibiotics!)
Today at lunch. Imogene is trying hard these days to feed herself anything she can. We are having a tough time at meals. Lily just won't sit still and won't eat anything besides PB&J, mac and cheese, hot dogs, grilled cheese, plain pasta and ravioli with no sauce. I kid you not - those are the choices. She does a little better at breakfast eating a better variety, but doesn't sit for long enough to eat anything. Imogene appears to want to eat anything and everything, but usually screams and throws food. We are having a tough time figuring out what she wants. She loves bread and crackers, but that's about all we know for sure that she'll eat.

This is her attempt at feeding herself yogurt. She abandoned the spoon 1/2 way through. Goodness knows how much actually went into her belly. In her defense, it's soy yogurt and doesn't taste very good.

Imogene with her Valentine's present. A stuffed puppy in honor of her first, and still only, word. We named him "doh."

Lily received Cinderella to go along with Belle and Snow White, her tiny princess dolls. She has still not watched any of the movies, but loves them just the same.

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