Sunday, February 7, 2010

You've got to be Kidding

That's right. More snow is forecasted for our area Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning. Probably around 4 inches, could get as much as 8. Do you know how sick Bill is of shoveling snow? Really, really sick of it. Not to be grumpy, but getting two small children plus two adults dressed to go outside when there are 25+ inches of snow on the ground is exhausting. We spend more time getting dressed to go outside than we do actually outside. We did make a little snowman today, and at bedtime tonight Lily said that was her favorite part of the day. She's so cute all bundled in her snowbib which makes her waddle more than walk and her gloves and hat. Imogene had a great time in the baby carrier on a walk this afternoon. And we were very lucky that we didn't lose power this weekend. There are still a few houses on a side street near us without power for the third night. School is out tomorrow, the federal government is closed, and even Bill's office is closed. This was a mammoth storm.
Imogene was very pumped to see all the dogs on our walk. Her only word, besides Dadadada, is "doh" for dog. Sometimes it sounds like "dat" or the tiniest bit like 'dog.' She almost always says it when she sees a dog, and usually says it when we see any other animal too. Bill stumbled upon "Puppy Bowl" on the Animal Planet channel. It's just puppies playing with toys and each other on a pretend football field, but Imogene goes nuts and just says 'doh' over and over again. She had the same reaction during halftime of the Puppy Bowl when they had the "kitty halftime show." Very funny.
We went over to some neighbors for the Super Bowl (where we stayed too long and Bill is upstairs now with Imogene trying to get her to sleep since it was way past bedtime when we got home - she does not go off schedule very well.) So we've been talking to Lily about the Super Bowl - once she asked Bill if the Redskins were in the game HA HA HA! (Bill just came downstairs and said "I'm really sick of the snow.") and yesterday we said "tomorrow is the Super Bowl Lily." She started cheering "Yeah, Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl." Pauses, "What's the Super Bowl again?" She learned the teams that were in it, and that her Uncle Ryan really, really wanted the Colts to win. Lily is going to love sports like we do I think. She begs to watch the Georgetown games (this is because she and 'her dad' have been there, and that makes it cooler I think) and know when Maryland or Virginia Tech is on TV. We are very close to her being able to tell us the score if we're in the other room with Imogene. We're good parents, we know. Poor Lily though, she's been fighting hard against a nasty cold this weekend, and I think she's going to lose the battle tonight or tomorrow. Good thing there's no school tomorrow.

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