Monday, February 15, 2010


We're just tired around here. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the snow. It's exhausting to get everyone dressed in all the gear, exhausting to drive in the mess of snow piles and one lane roads, tip toeing around ice piles, etc. (Warning, I think I'm about to complain a lot.) Perhaps we're tired from wiping the girls' noses 10-20 times each hour and from checking their temperature all day. Today I know that I am tired from taking them to the pediatrician, which with terrible traffic and all that I had to talk to the pediatrician about, was a two hour trip. Lily is being treated for a sinus infection, and Imogene has her first ear infection. Both girls have gotten congestion and puffiness in their eyes. So both are on antibiotics. Imogene has a terrible cough from it. It's good times all around. Bill is tired because after a week straight of being in the house with two sick girls, poor Bill is really not feeling his best. Go figure! And we're both tired because it's been about oh, 13 months since we've had anything close to a full night's sleep. Imogene has a few good nights here and there, but boy, we've had some rough nights lately. In her defense, this is her THIRD round of antibiotics this year. So of the 45 days of the year, she's been on antibiotics for 1/2 of them, and she's about to add 10 more. She had been doing a lot better going to sleep on her own - meaning we could put her down awake for nap and bedtime and she'd go to sleep without a ton of screaming. That's gone. Bill almost always has to go in and get her back to sleep. (If I go she wants nothing to do with me but nurse. Yes, we're still nursing, but that's for another day.)
Lily is finally going back to school tomorrow. Bless her wonderful preschool. Even though the public schools are not able to open because of the condition of sidewalks and roads, the preschool is open. (We usually follow the public school schedule.) Lily is SO EXCITED. SO ARE WE! She said today that "her" baby dolls at school have been crying and crying because they miss her so much. And that Bill must be very excited to take her to school tomorrow to see her friends. We made sugar cookies this afternoon for her Valentine's party. She did a great job rolling the dough and was just too cute. Very proud of herself and very into eating the cookie dough. "Oh mommy I'm just so hungry, I need to eat just a little more dough." There's my girl. She may not like chocolate, but she loves raw cookie dough. It's too much to even think about that she's going to be FOUR in two weeks! She really can test every last nerve and ounce of patience I have, but she really is about the sweetest, dearest thing. She and I went to a birthday party yesterday. All the girls wore princess dresses and had a little ballet lesson. They also all sat down to a little tea party. It was precious. Lily was a little overwhelmed by the tea party part. The birthday girl was the only girl she knew and sitting at a table with 12 little girls was a bit more than she could take in. But the dance part was an amazing memory for me. She would look over at me every few minutes and just beam with delight. She was having the best time. Dancing and singing and definitely her favorite things to do. Lily, Imogene and I had a terrifically silly Taylor Swift dance party this weekend.
So yes, I'm really tired. Bill is really tired, and sick, and putting Imogene back to sleep right now. But we have two sweet, beautiful girls who make being so tired so worth it.

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  1. oh, oh, oh, i can so understand. sometimes you just need to complain. or in my case, all the time (i vent on my blog since brad isn't around to listen!) but i can assure you that if i hadn't slept in 13 months i would be in the psych ward. as precious as these kids are, they will suck you dry. i so wish we lived closer.