Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Imogene is 17 months old today!

This just hasn't been our best week. Lily is just not herself. Screaming about things that usually wouldn't bother her.And I mean screaming and crying and kicking and hitting and just not pleasant. It's getting really bad. I had to physically remove her from a friends' house today and we had to take reading at bedtime away, which we hate doing, and she hates losing. I've been researching how long prednisone stays in your system. Please let it be the prednisone and not some terrible new behavioural trait. She's just nutty. I am also sure she's testing me, to see how far I'll let her go. I know it's her age, but she just isn't usually like this to this degree, so we're really, really hoping it's the steroids.
Imogene is so, so, so clingy. If she wants me to hold her, she will stop at nothing, including clawing my legs, until I pick her up. She will not let me leave the room for more than 2 seconds. Let's just say I'm getting virtually nothing done these days. She had a pretty good OT session today. We started the electronic stimulation on her arm. Imogene did not like this very much, but tolerated it. Apparently we're going to do her foot as well, and will most likely need our own machine at home. She's also started dragging her right foot when she is cruising or walking while holding your hands. PT Susan said a brace is possible, but we'll tackle that once we see what she's really doing, since she said Imogene hasn't developed any hard and fast walking patterns at this point. Susan then encouraged me to take deep breaths and take each day as it comes, which I'm trying hard to do!
We have had some good trips to the pool this week. Lily and Imogene both absolutely love the water. Although Imogene gets pretty angry that we won't let her go and walk around in the big pool, she is really at ease in the water. Lily is getting more comfortable in the water each day, and would rather be in the big pool than the baby pool. I'm working on setting up lessons for her. My favorite summer memories as a child are of the pool and swim team and the beach, so it makes me really happy they like the water. I can't help but think of swim team whenever we get a late afternoon thunderstorm, especially on Thursday nights, which was meet night for the Wildewood Swim Team!

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