Friday, June 25, 2010

Go to Sleep!

The other night as the girls were finishing their dinner Bill came home and pretended to sleep on the table. Lily started to play along and then he would wake up all startled, Imogene finds this hysterical. So she starts laying her head to one side and then hopping up giggling. She's doing this all the time now. She will lay cradled in our arms and laugh and wait for us to say "wake up!"
This is the girls pretending to be asleep.

Daddy pretending to sleep. Poor guy probably wished he was really asleep!

Lily and Imogene pretending again. Imogene wouldn't shut her eyes...
So Lily helped her out. You can see how Imogene felt about this based on the expression in her mouth!

Then Lily needed me to take her picture, while she was dancing. I have to say, she's got a decent bit of rhythm and is always 'changing up' her moves!

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