Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We're having a lovely day. Save for the part where Lily woke up at 530 am coughing, and finally went back to sleep at 630 am, and then refused to say sorry for something she did this morning for about an hour, the day has been very nice. We spent this morning swimming and ate lunch at the pool. This evening we're going "for a big night out" as Lily says - dinner is a big night out on a Sunday.
This has been a long week - how many times have I said that? Lily just wasn't herself, and had a tough time getting geared up to go to "Camp" at school. She perked up by Thursday and Friday. I'm not sure she shed a single tear from sadness during the entire year at school, but cried enough Tuesday at camp that the school called me to see if I thought her rash was still bothering her. Oh, Lily. She and Bill had a great time at a poolside birthday party yesterday. And we all enjoyed "Saturday in the Park" with church friends yesterday morning, and a nice dinner with our friends John, Jessica and their two girls last night. All around nice, uneventful weekend. Did I mention we've watched a LOT of soccer? Don't get us started on the "phantom goal" - we just want the US to win this week and control the group!
Imogene hasn't had the best week either. She's had a mess of a week with her stomach so I took her to the pediatrician Friday afternoon. I'll spare you the details, but I provided them a sample from Imogene's diaper, and they'll check it to make sure it's not more than just a virus. She also had speech therapy Friday afternoon. DeeDee watched her eat a little bit, and then we worked on some words and signs. She thought Imogene might be pushing food to the left side of her mouth (she put a straw in the front of her mouth, and she bit it, and moved it immediately to the left.) Pt went pretty well Thursday. At one point she was wearing her Theratogs, a "walking-wing," electronic stimulation on her leg, and her splint. It was quite a sight. She is dragging her right foot a little at the ankle, so we'll watch it and try to get her to step up as much as we can - this helps her with the dorsiflexion of her ankle.
Lily has camp again this week at school. Hopefully she'll be in better spirits!

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