Thursday, June 3, 2010

PT Thursday

Imogene did not get into her diving suit at PT today. However, the plan is to wear the Theratogs when she is at PT and then at home she'll wear what's called a "Spio." "Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis (SPIO™) assists patients with stability and proprioceptive deficits through deep pressure. Since deep pressure appears to be an important somatic input for balance and movement control, SPIO is designed to provide and enhance deep pressure sensory input around and toward the midline of the body to improve dynamic stability and postural activation." We're supposed to put this on every other time we changer her diaper every day. It looks really hot, and does not look like it will match her cute little summer clothes one bit at all, but we'll make it work. To be very honest I'm not looking forward to this thing at all. I really hope it works its magic quickly. It looks like something she's going to be bothered by all day. It has to be ordered, and she has to be measured, so we might not have it for a few weeks. For those of you keeping up with us, we haven't tried the electronic stimulation for her arm yet. Hopefully next week they'll have all the pads/wires they need.
We received her "progress note" for PT today. (She won't get an OT note for another month or so.) Imogene is meeting or coming close to many of the goals that were set last August. When Susan starting writing the report a few weeks ago, Imogene couldn't sit down when she had pulled up to standing. She would pull herself up, and then get stuck. Now she can get down by bending one leg and sitting down. Great progress!

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