Monday, June 7, 2010

Double Naps

It's super rare that both Lily and Imogene are sleeping during the day at the same time. Try never. It hasn't happened in oh, 14 months. But it's happening right now. Sadly, Lily is asleep because she's pretty sick, that or the Benadryl the pediatrician gave her has knocked her out. When she went to bed last night, she had a few large welts around her waistline. I thought maybe a flare-up of ezcema. She woke us up at 4 am (this was after we'd both dealt with Imogene for a while until 230) and I could feel how warm she was, and how warm her skin was. By 7:20 am, she was covered in hives all over her body, and by the time we left Dr. Baldrate's office at 12:15, it had spread into her hair, ears and face. Poor thing looked at me after she had blood drawn and said "I feel horrible." She fell asleep in the car and is still sleeping almost 2 hours later. Dr. Baldrate said this is probably just how she reacts to viruses, and a few days on steriods should help a lot. We're hoping she's doing better by Wednesday at 11:15, so she can attend her 'last day of school' party. This same thing happened last summer, and when they drew blood her platelet count was really low, so we had to go back and re-check her platelets. At the re-check appointment I mentioned to Dr. Baldate about Imogene's arm, and well you know the rest. It's sort of weird to be going through this again! I don't remember her feeling this badly then, but, as I told Dr. Baldrate, I only remember the platelet count concern, and what it meant for Imogene's future. ANYWAY ... that's where we are on that.

I walked in the Race for the Cure on Saturday with some Delaine (our neighbor - Will & Wade's mom) and some other friends. There were an estimated 50,000 people there. It was so moving and overwhelming and emotional and inspiring and sad and fun all at the same time. I was especially moved (to tears) by the women in the pink "survivor" shirts who looked my age or even younger. One of the best - and inspiring - posters had a picture of a baby and the words "Find a cure before I grow boobs." Participating in the Race also gave me a very clear picture that every walk of life - age, race and creed - is hit by breast cancer. Such a sad fact, and such a reminder of how many people battle so many different diseases each day.

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