Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Wednesday Afternoon

Lily made it to school today. Her toes were itching like crazy, so she wore socks for the first time in what seems like forever. That did help, thank goodness. She seemed full of energy and her old self at school. I was so happy she didn't miss her end-of-the-year party. Her face is starting to get covered in rash again, however, so I look forward to touching base with Dr. Baldrate today or tomorrow. We went to Chick-Fil-A with our friends Alexis Susan and Claire for a little last day celebration. Lily was good, but at the end I knew I'd asked too much of her. She was completely losing it about everything on the way out of the mall. (If you're out there CFA executives, please please put a stand alone store somewhere near me. I promise to single-handedly keep it in business.)
Imogene had OT today. Of course I forgot her bathing suit because I forgot to put the new one in the therapy bag. (The old one was so small it was leaving strap marks!) So it was a low-key session, which was nice. It's been a long week. We took measurements for the SPIO, tried "brushing" her right hand to see if we could wake it up a little bit, and then just did some playing to try and get her to use both hands/arms. She did a good job of stacking some larger blocks up and eventually figured out it was easier to at least attempt to help with the right arm. We also talked about ways (possibly a new splint) to try and get her to open her hand more. Right now when she does any kind of weight bearing she's completely fisted. The more she fists, the tighter her muscles get, and the tighter her muscles become, the harder it is to get them to loosen up, and the more likely some medical intervention like Botox would be necessary. We're certainly not at that point yet, but we want to stay ahead of it as much as possible.
I'd like to thank Mother Nature for getting on a rain schedule that is always just a day ahead of when I absolutely have to water the yard.

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