Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Times

Okay so I felt the need to post some happy pictures after those terribly sad ones of Lily!
Imogene will actually sit in a chair for a little bit now without immediately climbing out. They were so cute sitting there together in their "morning-ness."

 Imogene looked just as cute as her sister did almost exactly 3 years to the day 
after she wore this same outfit!

Lily coming out of the bounce-house Saturday afternoon. Two of the families from her class had all the 3 year-old families over for an end of the year party (as of Wednesday they'll be the 4 year old classes! Yikes!) Such a nice time, even if it was 1,000 degrees! Lily had an absolute blast - especially in the bounce house. Not sure if it's clear here, but she was REALLY hot! 

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