Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the Mend

Lily is doing much better. She got her full 12 hours of sleep (what a life!) last night and despite a little 'prednisone-rage' about not watching a video in the car, she's had a great day. I'll be glad to be done with the prednisone tomorrow. Still waiting to talk to Dr. Baldrate about what on earth brought this on!
She asked me today to help her watch her doll Emily while she "got her food together." She said, "Mom, you can keep one eye on Imogene, and the other eye on Emily. That's what I do at school. I keep one eye on my art, and the other eye on my friends." I am not sure if she has heard us talking about what Miss Frances said about her not being able to focus during projects...but that's just crazy that she said that! 

For you Glee fans, here are Lily's observations from the season finale. (Of which I loved the music, but not sure how I feel about the way it ended.)
*While I'm fast-forwarding the beginning, "Why is Quinn laying down? Is she okay?" I think she's just hanging out Lily. "No Mom, that's not what she's doing. That's not hanging out."
*"Why is Artie's hair all different?" They did their hair nice for the big show, Lily. "Oh, well doesn't Finn's hair just look great?"
*"Don't you think Quinn's hair is just beautiful?"
*When I fast-forwarded the Vocal Adrenaline / Quinn's birth scene "Why can't I watch that part? They are singing Mom. You said I could watch the singing." Lily, that part is too grown-up. "It's okay mom, I'm okay to watch it even if it's silly grown-up."

We went up to Frederick on Sunday so that I could go to a baby shower, and Bill & the girls could have lunch with Grandpa Roy & Carol. On the way home Lily was watching a movie, and Imogene slept for about 20 minutes. About 20 minutes AFTER she woke up, Lily says "Hey guys, Imogene woke up from her nap."

At the end of the year at WWP, the teachers give out a letter with a little something written about each child. Lily's was "Lily is our high octane listener with a very accurate success rate." Basically I think she was saying "if you don't want to world to know, don't say it anywhere near Lily."

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