Friday, June 11, 2010

Cup Runneth Over

Today I was totally and completely overwhelmed by the very generous and gracious gift from a group of dear friends. What they did (although ridiculously fabulous and such treats for me!) isn't really as important as how wonderful it made me feel. So much so that I've cried every time I've tried to talk about it today. It absolutely knocked me over with love and gratitude to feel that great big "hug." So to Melissa, Delaine, Tracie, Alexis, Tess, Meredith, Laura, Megan, and Perrin, I say thank you, thank you, thank you. You are tremendously amazing mothers and friends.

Lily is much better. Save for a lot of tiny little 'scars/scabs' you'd never know she'd been so banged up this week. But boy, let me tell you I am excited that there is no more prednisone to take. She has been a nutcase  these last few days, and I really hope it's from the medicine, and not some new personality trait! This morning we went to the ENT for a follow-up on the fluid in her ears/hearing loss. The fluid is way down, and her hearing is back to "acceptable range." However, there is a possibility that the prednisone got rid of the fluid, and it could come back. So we'll go back in September to re-check everything. But good news that she doesn't need tubes this summer!
I also talked to Dr. Baldrate, and she is thinking the cause was viral. But since there is a chance she ate crabmeat on Sunday, we're going to test her in July for shellfish allergy. It will be such a bummer if she is allergic to it, since Bill & I love that type of food. That is, if in her lifetime she'll ever eat anything besides pasta, cheese or PB&J. We also now have an Epipen, should she have another break-out. So now we just hope that rash won't come back after the prednisone wears off.

Her ballet recital is tomorrow afternoon. Today at rehearsal she got a little upset. (A friend was a room mom and had me come get her a little early.) Apparently when they are the "101 Dalmatians" Cruella yells at them or something, which Lily was not prepared for at all. She was terrified. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be okay with it since she knows what's coming!

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