Tuesday, June 8, 2010


At 4:00 pm this afternoon I would have told you Lily was not getting any better. Her face was covered again. Dr. Baldrate called around 5:30 pm and we talked about how this might actually be an allergic reaction. She said today that she consulted with the doctor who saw Lily last summer for the seemingly same thing (it was a Saturday, Dr. B was not on call.) They both think that since this rash has appeared and then gone away in places and then reappeared, that it's very close on the line between allergy and viral. So she'll check back with us tomorrow afternoon, and we decided that by Thursday a.m. if she's not better, she'll consult an allergist. So at 7:00 pm when Bill got home he was amazed at how much better Lily was - me too! But by 7:45 p.m. she was starting to get splotches all over her face again, so who really knows what's going on. She went right to sleep tonight. We've been reading one chapter of Charlotte's Web each night. She fell asleep about 2 pages in. When I stopped she kind of stirred and said "I'm just resting my eyes." And then promptly fell fast asleep. Poor kid.

Our sweet, sweet friend Sydney Moss is in the hospital in Atlanta, with a possible infection called cholangitis. Please keep her and Lindsay & Stephen in your thoughts and prayers.

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