Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick Update

To start with, if you live in our area, you probably heard Bill and I and our friend Adam screaming outside when the US finally scored to advance into the next round of the World Cup. It was such a stressful game, and until the moment the ball finally went into the net, I was pretty sure we were done for. Wow! Don't call us on Saturday 2:30 pm - we'll be glued to the TV!

Imogene has a case of viral strep. Poor thing - Dr. Baldrate could see 8 or 9 little sores on the back of her throat. She slept this morning for a while, after not sleeping much last night. Hoping she'll be feeling better by the end of the week. I know, now, why she was grabbing at her tongue these last few days like she had a hair in her mouth or something. Her throat really hurts!

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