Wednesday, March 31, 2010

While we were in Columbia, Lily was watching basketball with everyone and things were quiet. She then told everyone that the team they were watching, Michigan State, was the team that Maryland lost to the other night. Classic Lily.
Our friends Lindsay and Sydney came over today to play and have lunch. We had an impromptu egg hunt in the backyard. Lily was very cute helping Sydney search and showing her what to do/bossing her around. I have pictures I could share to show you how cute it was, but we still haven't done anything about the fact that the computer in the basement doesn't work At All.

I'm so excited for Easter. I love Easter at Westminster with the Commonwealth Brass Band and the amazing choir. I love the promise of Spring and being outside with the girls. I am also super excited about it this year because it's actually going to be warm here. We haven't had a warm Easter in forever. Not that it matters for the holiday itself, because I know it's not all about the outfits, but Easter dresses are still cuter when they aren't covered up by sweaters and tights!

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