Friday, March 19, 2010

Surgery Date Set

The whole family went to Imogene's ophthalmologist appointment this morning with Dr. Madigan. (It's possible that's the first time I've ever spelled ophthalmologist correctly.) Her surgery was scheduled for April 21, but that is the day before Bill is supposed to go to NYC, and two days before I was supposed to join him. Dr. Madigan said he didn't see any real change in her strabismus, so he was fine with putting the surgery off a month. Her surgery is now scheduled for May 19. It's a one day procedure. It sounds like the procedure takes between 1-2 hours, and they tell you to plan for 1-4 hours for recovery. We'll get more information as it gets closer.

We were in the backyard today. Lily and Bill were playing soccer with her new goals she got for her birthday. They also did a little bit of raking the mess left by the winter. There are these small balls, prickly burr things all over the place. Bill wondered which tree they were coming from and Lily replied "The coconut tree."
I jammed my finger in between a door frame in Lily's room and the giant over-flowing laundry basket I was carrying out of her room. It hurt badly. "Are you okay Mom? I'm glad that you didn't cry."

"We're watching basketball all day again?" We didn't by the way.

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