Monday, March 22, 2010

This Crazy Life

So Imogene didn't take her afternoon nap. Lily had ballet at 330, so we dropped her off and then went to drop off a Just Ducky order. Imogene finally fell asleep with about 10 minutes left in our drive, or so I thought there were ten minutes left. The trip took longer than I had planned. It was absolutely pouring down rain the entire trip. Hadn't planned on the traffic lights all being out on the way back to get Lily. I was 15 minutes late and had no way to get a hold of anyone at dance to let them know I was coming. Picturing poor Lily just waiting for me all sad and worried, I barrell up the stairs and find Lily having the time of her life. Two moms waited with her and she could have cared less that I wasn't there. I tried to explain to the moms and to Lily what happened. Lily was so cute the whole time. Lily kept saying "It's okay Mom. Don't rush Mom. I am sorry about those traffic lights. That's just terrible. Don't worry Mom. we had fun. Were you just hurrying so much? Who helped you with the lights? Oh the police man? That's so nice of him. Don't worry Mom. Don't be sorry. Let's not go that way ever again. Next time if you need to go that way I can miss ballet just once. It will be okay. Don't be sorry Mom." She was the one worried about me! Such a funny cute smart kid. Oh, and by the way, Imogene was screaming the entire time all of this was going on. And later Lily said, "Actually, I cannot miss ballet even just once. So don't go that way again, okay?"

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  1. that is SO funny - she is too cute. it does make me wish (as always) that we were closer because i think he and lily would be best buds - they seem like the same child! doesn't it make you smile when our children, by some miracle, seem to be so relaxed when we are so neurotic? kenton does the same thing...i just hope he gets some of brad's even-keeled personality and doesn't pick up on my craziness.