Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Show

The Just Ducky clothes arrived today. Boy are they cute. Lily was more than eager to try on her loot. She was twirling and twirling in her Easter dress and she looked so beautiful. She was having the best time and she just stopped, put her hand to her mouth, fell into my arms and said, "I love you mommy so much. Thank you for my dress." I of course turned into a puddle.
Imogene's clothes are Humongous. I ordered her the 18 month size because I just couldn't justify 12 month sizes for clothes she'll wear when she's way past 12 months. I was wrong. She will be able to wear them next summer. I just can't get over how little she is, when she really doesn't look that small. Of course a mom at therapy today asked me if she was 6 or 7 months.

1 comment:

  1. i cannot tell you enough how cute my stuff is. i am for sure a repeat customer - i almost can't even wait until the fall! i was nervous about ordering the 24mo for hadley, but the bubble suit doesn't look THAT big. she'll be wearing that ruffle bottom romper next fall though because it's still huge. and people ask me all the time if hadley is 9 or 10 months old. she doesn't seem THAT small to me!