Monday, March 1, 2010


Lily walked into our room this morning and the first words out of her mouth were "When is the castle coming?" Umm... I thought maybe she meant the castle cake I talked her out of having to make for her birthday party. But then I remembered yesterday a friend was talking about the castle she got at Disney World. Lily really doesn't know what Disney World is, but understands it has something to do with the princesses, despite the fact that she's never actually watched a princess movie (she saw the latest in the theater but so far hasn't connected that with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.) Yesterday during story time at church several kids started talking about Disney World (poor storyteller. This one boy never stops talking and he gets all the other kids completely off topic. But she was quick and said that going to see Jesus would have been even bigger than going to Disney.) So Lily's starting to wonder what this place is. So she must have dreamed about the castle. She said she'd be okay going to Disney when she was 5 or 6. Phew. I'm so not ready for Disney.

Today while singing "You are my sunshine" to Imogene for her nap, I realized that I can have a full internal monologue while singing it. I've been singing that song since my brother Ryan was a baby, and then to Lily and now I must sing it 30 times a day with Imogene. It is so ingrained into my head that I don't have to use any brain power to sing it. Instead I think about all the things I'm going to do if Imogene ever goes to sleep, or how I might blog about it.

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