Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Through the Years

Here's a little "through the years" with Lily. She's 4 today and look how much she's grown and changed! We're having a very nice day. Daddy took Lily to school and stayed for a few minutes for Lily to show him her 'stuff' in her classroom. Mommy and Imogene went with Lily and her class to their weekly music class (too cute) and then had birthday snack with her class. It's Book Week at school, so I read Lily's new book to the class, "Angelina and the Princess."
She's about an hour old here.

Her First Birthday!

A walking (and Talking!) Two Year-Old.

This is last year, on her third birthday. We had a big snowfall on her birthday which was a Monday. By Saturday the kids were all playing outside at her party!

This morning - she's 4!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Lily!! I can't believe she's 4...and she definitely resembles Imogene in the 1 year old picture.