Monday, March 15, 2010

Catching Up

Update on the leak. We had a plumber come out and he said that it's not the plumbing so we have an appliance person coming Wednesday to see what needs to be fixed in the fridge. The ceiling in the basement doesn't look too bad after all.

Lily's finger got caught in the front door today. It was mostly my fault so she made me pay for it, without knowing it most of the time. She's fine (I think) but boy did she work it for all it was worth. At one point tonight she said "my finger still really hurts. Are you still really sorry?" She would be fine, and then she remembered, and would get all teary. When we told the story to Bill she actually looked away and got tears in her eyes. I would ask her to bend it so I could be sure it wasn't broken, and she would say it hurt. And then when I tried to get her to wash her hands she would bend the hurt finger so it wouldn't get wet.

We took her to a birthday party Saturday afternoon. She wanted to be dropped off of course. Almost every other kid had their parent with them. I mean who is this kid of our's???? It's amazing how much she has grown up since the fall. Lily used to get all freaked out by other kids she didn't know at the park. Seriously she would run off the jungle gym if kids who looked younger than her were around. Last week, she actually made two new friends at the park on her own. One of them is in her ballet class, which we didn't know until today. We went to a playdate at at friend's and she was the one who figured out what they should play. It's such a neat thing to watch her really blossom into such an outgoing little girl.

Lily sat with Bill the other day watching a documentary about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Lily said after while, "Why are we watching this boring show Dad?"
She knows we don't like her to watch her kid shows in the morning, so she's been asking if she can "watch the highlights on Sportscenter." We let her stay up and watch Maryland's one game in the ACC tournament. (that was a waste.) She put her little cheerleading outfit on and shook her poms-poms and cheered. She sat with her legs crossed and asked me 10 times if she was sitting like the cheerleaders at the game.

We did some spring cleaning this weekend, mostly getting the Spring and Summer clothes out of the attic. Imogene has so many cute clothes to wear of Lily's. Problem is, Imogene is so much smaller than Lily was at this age! Seeing all those clothes brings back so many memories of sweet Lily at the age Imogene is. And it makes me really ready for some warm weather. It's been raining here for days! I have to admit that seeing the clothes Lily wore at Imogene's age made me a little sad. Imogene is three weeks younger than Lily was when she started walking. When I think of Lily in these clothes, I think of her learning to walk and then walking all over the place, . I know Imogene is going to walk one day, it's just hard to think that she might not walk in these clothes. Maybe that doesn't make sense. And seriously I do know that she'll walk one day. It's just hard not to compare the stages of their lives. I think I'd do that even if Imogene didn't have CP. Whatever she's doing in the clothes, I know she's going to look precious. She really is such a cutie-pie. But I'm biased!

A mom in our area is coming over for coffee tomorrow morning. We met through the stroke and hemiplegia parents' web-board that I follow. Her six-year-old little girl has Imogene's same CP, right hemiparesis. They have gone through a lot of what we are going through right now, and I enjoy getting her insight and advice.

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  1. the fact that she wants to watch the sportscenter highlights is ridiculous! bill must be so proud! i love hearing that she is so outgoing because i remember shy little lily - the story of her running away from kids at the playground made me laugh...