Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a Day

So for fun, here's a day in the life of your's truly. This day in the life just happens to be the one where I turned 34. Warning: some of this is really boring.
3:22 am Imogene awakes. Bill rocks her. She sleeps. She wakes. I nurse her. She sleeps. She wakes. Bill rocks her. She wakes. She sleeps.
5:00 am We sleep.
7:20 am Lily comes into our room and announces she that she has to go potty. Bill asks her if she has something to tell Mommy. She says she'll tell me Happy Birthday after she goes potty.
7:50 am Breakfast and present opening. Mommy receives the new Lady Antebellum cd, the complete works of Jane Austen bound in a beautiful book, and a gift certificate for an iPhone. (beside myself about this. So freaking excited.)
8:00 am We all start getting ready to walk Lily to school. Daddy decides to work from home.
Mommy excited at the prospect of not fighting Imogene at naptime.
8:20 am I cannot find my shoes. Perhaps it's because I haven't worn my tennis shoes in several months.
8:35 am All of us walk Lily to school.
9:05 am Drop-off Lily to school. Bill asks her to tell the teachers it's my birthday. She says "I did that yesterday."
9:08 am Mommy receives a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday, a big hug, and a lovely gift from Miss Pam.
9:40 am Mommy goes to get some coffee. Daddy puts Imogene down for a nap.
10:00 am Mommy returns from coffee to find Daddy very forlorn. Worries that someone has died. He has to go into the office.
10:36 am Mommy finishes a record-time shower, dresses, gets Imogene up from her nap and races to therapy. Daddy goes to work.
12:20 pm Mommy and Imogene meet Lily, and friends who brought her from school at the mall for Chick-Fil-A. Mommy's favorite!!!
1:40 pm We return home to a lovely gift from Grunny & Charlie. Thanks to you!
3:00 pm Imogene goes down for a nap without any screaming. Lily watches a show.
3:05 pm Feeling great, Mommy runs downstairs to the basement for a minute before sitting down to write some thank-you notes and hang out with Lily.
3:05 1/2 pm: Mommy's heart stops beating upon hearing massive water leak hitting the floor.
3:07 pm: Mommy finds every towel within reach. Freaks at finding another puddle. Freaks again. Calls Bill. Freaks to Bill. Tells Bill to come home. Right.Now.
3:20 pm Mommy tries yelling "PLEASE GIVE ME AN OPERAToR" at the automated system for the home warranty. Hoping that if I sound really desperate the computer lady will send me to real person. This attempt fails.
3:35 pm Call Bill making sure he's on the way. Gone through a second set of towels. Talk to plumber. Then the home warranty system - a real person!!! - and am told to turn the water off wherever it's coming from. Yeah, thanks. I would if I could tell!
4:00 pm Call my sister and cry. It's my birthday, I'll cry if I want to. You would cry too...
4:15 pm Imogene wakes up. Bill has arrived home, calms me down, figure out to turn off water to ice maker (thanks to my dad) behind fridge. Leak stops. Bill talks to plumber again. He'll come tomorrow since we stopped the leak. We clean more water off floor and start surveying the damage to ceiling.
4:30 pm Lily comes out of TV fog and realizes Bill is home and the fridge is in the middle of the kitchen.
5:00 pm Bill uses the shopvac and gets water out of the carpet, girls have had a snack, Lily has asked a 1,000 questions about the water.
5:15 pm We're all enjoying the nice weather at a neighborhood park. With rain in the forecast until Tuesday, this feels awesome. Imogene goes back in forth in my arms and then in Bill's arms. She reaches for us with both her arms. Fight tears. Bill and I realize how much Lily has grown since we were last all at a park together.
5:55 pm All sitting down to a great dinner at our favorite place.
6:35 pm Head to the Dairy Godmother. Mommy enjoys her first "Dusty Road" sundae in almost a year. Imogene makes greatest face ever upon eating sorbet.
7:55 pm Both girls in bed (Imogene puts up a great fight. Bill prevails, thankfully). Mommy reads all the wonderful birthday messages on her facebook page, while Bill cleans up the house and does some more shopvac. Did I mention he's world's greatest husband and father?
9:55 pm Finally watch the "baby" episode of the Office from last week. Of course, something is wrong with the DVR and a few minutes are skipped in the middle and we missed the last 2 minutes.
10:08 pm Finish blog posting. Realize that life is not always the way you plan it, that things go wrong, almost disastrously wrong, even on your birthday, but that it will all be okay in the end. That you get up and do it all again, because you can, and because you want to, and because you know that you are so lucky, so lucky to be living this life. Happy Birthday to me.

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  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. not one second of it was boring, and i just love reading about my favorite blog friend who is living a parallel life to mine. even if you were away at a spa all day today and avoided all the drama of your day, you would still be constantly thinking about everyone at home because that is the way that we are. we would secretly not know what to do if there was no drama everyday. yay for #34!