Friday, March 26, 2010

We made it

We left this morning at 8:15. We were in the car for no less than 20 minutes when Lily asked me if we were there yet. By 8:45 we'd stopped for gas, Chick-Fil-A and a dirty diaper change. It was pouring down rain. I was sure I was in for the drive from disasterville. Despite the fact that Imogene only slept for 25 minutes the ENTIRE DAY, it went pretty well. The rain ended by mid-morning, and we had an uneventful stop at good old Cracker Barrel for lunch. Then at 12, when we were barely in NC (I think) Lily asked if we could just wait and eat lunch in SC. I would ask Lily to give Imogene a snack or check to see if Imogene needed her water or a toy and Lily would literally keep her eyes glued to her DVD and never look over at Imogene while she "helped." I actually had to turn off the DVD player to get her to even blink. She's in heaven of course here, with her Nane and Uncle Ryan and Whitney to play with, and Susan to arrive tomorrow.

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